Reasons to shop our store

Here are some reasons customers choose to shop our store over other choices:

  • Super-fresh, regionally formulated, no-waste custom birdseed blends are proven to attract the birds in. We bag our 5 & 10 lb. bags right here at the store to ensure the seed in these bags is the freshest!
  • We carry well-designed products made for birds and bird-lovers! Why is this important? Our feeders have been designed to give birds safe accessibility to the ports with their feeding habits in mind. Many of our products are designed to allow us better viewing of the birds, as well as ease of cleaning.
  • Many of our feeders carry a lifetime guarantee. Why is this important? Because when parts can be replaced, it keeps feeders out of the trash, making it a sound investment with less environmental impact.
  • We have great gifts like chimes and other nature inspired items, and we have the best greeting cards!
  • We pride ourselves on awesome customer service, and work hard to meet the needs of our customers and what's important to them.
  • We are pet-friendly!
  • We are easy to get to- just off Exit 42 from the Maine Turnpike, close to Cabela's (we are in the building to the left, next to Thai9 Restaurant). This is just off Payne Rd & Haigis Parkway.
  • We pay your tolls - bring your toll receipt in to get to our store and we'll take it right off your purchase, up to $3.50! If you have a transponder, simply go through the cash line and ask for a manual read and receipt. 
  • We ship and if you're close by, we might deliver directly to you! Call for more information or to place an order. We don't have online ordering yet, but we are working on it. 
  • We are next to two restaurants- directly next to Thai9 and Portland Pie. We are down the sidewalk from the pet store Loyal Companion, and the DMV, and in the same complex with Cabela's & Phantom Fireworks.